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CBC News – Sal Khan’s Big Idea

CBC’s The National talks with Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy and various educators from California and Ontario on engaging students by using new teaching strategies through the use of YouTube videos. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization whose goal is to create easy to understand educational videos for anyone to use for free so they can learn and understand the topic at hand at their own pace.

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TED – Build a School in the Cloud

We need to look at learning as the product of educational self-organization. If you allow the educational process to self-organize, then learning emerges. It’s not about making learning happen. It’s about letting it happen. The teacher sets the process in motion and then she stands back in awe and watches as learning happens.I think that’s what all this is pointing at.

Sugata Mitra talks about his experiment called “Hole in the Wall” where he deployed a computer near a slum in India and was amazed at how the children were able to teach themselves biotechnology without prior knowledge of English or biotechnology at all. He asks that we may need to rethink the way that we approach education. – What Most Schools Don’t Teach

A short film I found very interesting, this video talks about the importance of technology education and the importance of learning how to program as computers have become entrenched in our lives. It’s a highly empowering video that encourages kids to learn how to program. Ever since I’ve introduced the video to my mentor teacher, many technology teachers in the York Region District School Board have become excited over this video and have shown it to their classes. This video is intended for all ages but have the greatest impact for those in grade 9 and 10 as it helps show them the possibility of going into the computer science/technology field when they choose their courses for grade 11 and 12.