My Pedagogy

In my teaching practice, I believe it’s important to create a comfortable and safe environment where students can take risks by making mistakes without feeling that they would be punished. By encouraging students to take risks, it is my hope that it can build their self-confidence, build their problem solving and critical thinking skills and encourage students to explore more through self learning. Taking risks and making mistakes is how humans primarily learn and classes should promote such an environment to allow students to flourish. As teachers, I believe that it is our job to provide such an environment and provide support to students when they stumble and help them pick themselves up again.

Kids are naturally curious about how their world works and how they fit in into the world. By encouraging them to take risks, we encourage them to question how things work and build up their skills in analyzing and breaking down a problem and propose solutions in order to solve those problems. I believe that teachers should be viewed as facilitators where they are there for students to get a guiding hand in formulating the proper questions as to what they are learning and help them through the thinking process and to be creative about their thinking as well.

The traditional pedagogy is no longer adequate in today’s world, we must rethink the way we teach. Students learn at a different pace and have access to a lot of different technologies that have not been available to the previous generation and attention spans have becoming ever smaller. The traditional way of learning through rote memorization and lectures are no longer effective. As such, I want to place a heavier emphasis on problem solving, critical and creative thinking through differentiated instructions and allow for a one-on-one approach with the students and to allow greater usage of technologies in my classroom.